Your fish, from a new perspective

Add-A-Sphere® appears to defy gravity. Install it with underwater lights and prepare for some beautiful night viewing of your fish. It brings your fish above the water line while magnifying them three times their size and adding a new dimension of excitement to any water garden or pond. Sphere is filled with water and sits on the pedestal. This product has a feature which allows you to automatically feed inside the globe with ease. Watch your fish feed, in a magnified view! Magnification allows for early detection of potential medical problems. 

We also offer products that we use in our pond that have proven to make it not only more beautiful but, with a lot less maintenance. 
 - Check out our under water lighting to not only enhance your fish in their Add-A-Sphere® but, also make your pond like your very own resort! 
 - Our Aquascape IonGen™ reduces & virtually eliminates algae! Keeping streams & your pond algae free! 
 - Our Floating Flora Islands protect your plants from nibbling fish & keeps them from being sucked into your skimmers too! 
 - Our Once a year plant fertilizer gives you not only the beautiful full blooms you desire from your Lilies & Lotus but, you only have to do it once a season! 
 - If your pond is deeper than 12" we now have a stand extender! 

At Add-A-Sphere® we want to maximize your enjoyment of your fish & your pond & minimize your work in keeping it that way!